Hackernews Redesign Feedback And Numbers

I'm writing this post as a thanks to HN readers and readers who contacted me via email and Twitter.

The Community

After posting the original Hackernews Redesign on Hacker News, as a newcomer to the HN community - I was overwhelmed with excellent feedback and exciting opinions.

Within 20 minutes, the post got on the front page and started getting some interesting comments.


Followed were emails, tweets and traffic from all around the web – it was a nice surprise! The various emails and comments I've got came from professional designers and newbies alike – all looking to support and for advise – I was humbled.



When I worked on the design, I didn't anticipate how vibrant is the Hacker News community and how much effective and professional feedback I'd get. Here's some of it:

  • "The Y-meter is visually complex... A simple light grey bar next to the story points under the title would do this well."
  • "The comment numbers on the far right are very far away"
  • "Give it (The "more" button") some room to breath" -" I don't like: the Y meter...Most HN readers are nerds, and nerds like exact values"

Feedback Applied

Since people invested their time to give me feedback, I thought it is only fair that I take all of this great feedback and try to apply it to a new design. So here goes.

Main Changes

  • Visual: The Y-Meter so it seems, didn't served the purpose completely (to some, it did). Now the rating system is based on 4 level of scaling: 0-100, 101-200, 201-400, 401+. The distribution is now at the size and color of the object that now define the points:


  • Up voting button: I gave it more space after i read that theres no space to point at it withe the mouse, and scale it up to 30% more. Also the color is less dominant now unlike the last version.
  • The comments: I brought the comments closer to the title.

Here is my follow up design:


Summing up

The whole experience i had with posting my last article was a real eye opener. I learned that design can effect and touch people, starting from the emotional place to the practical.

As I learned that users can connect to a design, like the experienced HN readers who got upset nor excited about the new concept design and preferred the old and trusted design, up to designers who were inspired of doing their own design for HN site after seeing mine.

So, thanks HN!